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Mackenzie invested in her first residential property at 23 years old back in 2009 and through the years growing to 10 total doors. Alongside her property investments she has a successful career in the transportation industry where she met likeminded people. Others who own residential and commercial properties but are so busy running their main business that they don’t have time to deal with their real estate investments.

After doing the market research of what property management systems are available – she came across Property Management Inc and was amazed by their operating system and the team that supports it! “Wow! PMI gets it!” She thought! “This is the vehicle that will not only help me realize my long term real estate goals, but those of other likeminded people.”

She called her real estate agent, Patrick Kane, and told him about PMI. Patrick was always her “go to” in digging up more potential properties to invest in. With an entrepreneurial mind, Patrick was intrigued with being able to help other investors find and manage their real estate. He too wanted to learn more and grow within the real estate market.

In 2020, she established PMI GR Solutions to do just that – be a company that will help others with their property goals. Starting in Residential real estate with intentions to take on Commercial, Association, and Vacation home management along the way.

Mackenzie Wellman

Mackenzie is a local West Michigander – being raised in the Jenison Public School System and graduating with her business degree from Grand Valley State University in 2010. While making her first real estate investment in 2009 she also started working for her father’s company (Trailer Equipment & Trailer X-Press) in 2011.

With a love of hard work and business she helped grow the family company to a state wide operation! With her father as the greatest mentor a girl could ask for – she quickly realized that she had a knack for putting deals together and seeing through complicated process’s.

In her personal life she enjoys adventure and travel. She has traveled to 5 continents and over 35 countries. She has her private pilot’s license, is a Master scuba diver (cold and warm water) with over 125 logged dives, enjoys mountain climbing, rock climbing, ice climbing, back packing, skiing, snowboarding, yoga, and riding her Harley around town. She has a big heart for refugees and anyone trying to make their lives or family better.

Most of all, Mackenzie loves coming back to the United Sates of America and more specifically West Michigan after a long adventure – where she is proud to live and call home.

Patrick Kane
Principle Operator

Patrick was born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI. As the middle child out 7 siblings, he saw the 110% dedication his parents put into providing for the family each day. This is the way Patrick continues to live his life. He believes in waking up early, attacking the day, and making sure nothing is missed. A typical day for Patrick is filled with a lot of movement. He works out, dedicates time to each active transaction, meets with clients to show homes, and connects with new people. The list goes on and on, and that’s the way Patrick likes it.

As a graduate with a BBA from Davenport University, Patrick put extra focus on learning management, communication, and marketing. He began his real estate career in 2016, bringing with him years of leadership experience, and a vast knowledge of construction and maintenance for both commercial and residential properties.

What Patrick loves most about real estate is meeting new people each day, building relationships, developing friendships, and ultimately helping people reach their goals. One of his greatest strengths in real estate is his personality and how quickly he is able to adapt to the people he is working with. But beyond that is Patrick’s negotiation and communication skills. He is data driven, and works very hard for his clients to ensure they are getting the fair market value for each transaction.

Patrick wants to get to know each client, he wants to understand what their real estate goals are. Why are they buying or selling a home? Do they want to acquire real estate as a long term investment strategy and turn a profit? For example, the empty nesters whose kids are now off to college are looking to downsize, this can be a very emotional transition for many family’s. Or, the client who owns and manages 10 rentals is exhausted from the responsibility and is seeking a viable solution.

Patrick believes that everyone needs their own sanctuary, a space where they can feel comfortable and where they can be themselves. Patrick’s approach with each client is to share in their experience, envision that particular client in the space with their friends and family, and picture how they are going to live there.

Patrick’s most awesome responsibility is being a father. His two children Ava and Josiah, along with his wife Nicole enjoy weekends at the lake, spontaneous trips, riding bikes, music, art, golf, and movie night.